Thursday, September 1, 2011

Plain into Polka Dot Perfection

I have this old modern bookshelf that I build eons ago, and well, to be perfectly honest, my style has kind of changed. Seeing as how I can't bear to part with it just yet (I have a lot of sweat and tears in that piece) I have decided to make it work with my new style.  To accomplish this new look I have been slowly adding softer and much lighter pieces to it.  Of these, I have been trying to stick with a white glass vase look.  I found a couple milk glass vases at the thrift store, but the space was still lacking.  I found these two clear glass vases lying around the house:

A little puff paint and spray paint later:

There you have it.


melody-mae said...

I love it!

Forever Young said...

Thanks Melody-Mae, it was easy and fun. Totally doable with a curious 1 year old:) ha ha


Cori said...

Cute Megs.

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