Thursday, May 26, 2011

ANOTHER pillow case shirt... This time for me:)

Okay... So I just can't help myself... This is a shirt for ME that was made with......????...... yep you guessed it, a pillow case. I found a king sized pillow case at the thrift store for $1!!!  The material called out 'pretty vintage' so how could I pass it up?  Here are a couple of photos after which I will be disclosing the process I go through when making a shirt for anyone out there who would like to give it a try:)

 The shirt also looks pretty cute untucked with a camel colored belt that has a bronze buckle (which I also thrifted for $1).  Sorry I didn't show that picture, but you can imagine it... right?

 You can see some of the gather work under the center cut out piece.

The last two pictures look really small which means you need to click on them to view the fine print.  Sorry about that!!! Okay so for making this shirt I did this:
  1. I measured all of the places in the picture that are marked. 
  2. Then I took my fabric marker and took my measurements to my fabric
  3. I drew out a tank (the sleeves come later), and marked areas that I wanted to add fabric pieces, pleat, etc. 
  4. Then I remeasured to compensate for taking out and adding in pieces. For this shirt I added: a vertical piece (where I ended up putting all the petals) from neck to three inches above my belly button; added two vertical rectangle pieces on the sides of the shirt; a long vertical triangle to the back; added a triangle piece to the sleeves with a pleat in it, I also pleated out the chest piece.
  5. Then I cut out the main shirt front and back pieces and all the added pieces.
  6. I gathered the vertical cut just above the belly button.
  7. Now it is time to pin everything together and try it on for adjustments.
  8. Once everything is just the right size, being sewing--be sure to keep trying the shirt on to make sure sizing was still right.
  9. Add some piping to the neckline (be sure to pre-iron this it will make things look cleaner).
  10. Instead of buttons or a zipper I did an open cut on the upper back with a cute tie... wanted to try to do something new for this one:).
This is kind of a rough idea of what I do and how I do... the process is kind of here there and everywhere when I am coming up with something new, but this is kind of a general process.  Hope it was helpful. Let me know... I promise to be more thorough and show more how to pictures in the future:)


Christina Olson said...

I will seriously pay you to teach me how to sew (I'm not kidding either)!! You are amazing girl, I want to be like you when I grow up:)

Anna said...

Your shirt turned out great! I can't believe that used to be a pillowcase.

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