Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Ruffled Coral with Blue and White Stripes

Before you throw out that old shirt or are tempted to get rid of that item because... it's just too boring, take a look at this fun project.  I used and old long sleeved cotton shirt and a men's large striped button up shirt.
 The men's large striped shirt

Plain coral long sleeved shirt.
 I decided to turned the men's shirt into a lose and comfy skirt.


 I love the big side pockets:)
This shirt was pretty easy and quick to revamp.  I used the long sleeves to make ruffles for the front, then ruffed up the sleeve edge and gave it a little petal look.  For some reason I love these colors together.  Coral is such a pretty shade that makes everything feel fresh, and blue and white stripes??? What can I say, very classic.
I hope this has helped you look at your closet in a different way.


Laura said...

okay that is genius, the skirt and top are both darling!!

sisters4saymoreismore said...

super cute! totally need to try this one!


miamihoney said...

Very cute! Great refashion!

Flor said...

very cute! you have some serious skills :)

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