Thursday, July 14, 2011

Jelly Shoes

I think every little girl, at at least one point in their life, has had Jelly Shoes. And why wouldn't every girl want a pair? Jelly shoes are wonderful! I can still remember coming home with my first pair when I was a little girl.   Not only are they oh so cute, but they are easy to keep clean, come in many different designs and fun colors, and are the perfect summer shoe.  I decided that my inner child just couldn't go any longer without a pair of Jelly Shoes to dress my adult feet, so when I ran across these adorable blue Jelly's for just over $3 it was a match made in heaven.  Hope you enjoy my cheep find.

Ta ta;)


Mini said...

Gorgeous blue color!

Sarita said...

Where did you get those! Adorable!

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