Sunday, September 4, 2011

Feeling Oh So Lofty:)

Just kidding, I’m really not the supercilious type, but I am a little sew-proud of myself on this project.  I found this Loft dress at the thrift store for 6 bucks, and it seriously looked like it had never or hardly ever been worn, and the fabric pattern???? Oh so pretty and feminine.  I just loved everything about the dress… well almost.  Even though the overall cut was wonderful, (wrapped top and pleated bottom-love) the dress was just barely too short and had no sleeves.  I quickly decided that I would turn this into a sort of Tunic-Shirt, to be worn with leggings when the weather is on the warmer side or jeggings when it’s on the cooler side.  To make this idea a reality,  I snipped off a couple of inches from the bottom half of the dress and used that material to make sleeves and it turned out that it gave the dress a completely different look that I immediately fell in love with.  Hope you enjoy this playful, yet graceful pieceJ

Sorry about the lamo photos!  My old Camera, that I was forced to switch back to upon my Cannon's death, doesn't do well in artificial lighting.


Marisa said...

You are so dang cute. I wish I could hang out with you all the time! Maybe then your cuteness would rub off on me. Great work yet again. Also, I LOVE your shoes.

PS do you ever have a hard time wearing leggings with Gs? I feel like a lot of them are so sheer, and therefore I am never brave enough to wear them unless I am teaching a dance class or something. Do you get a special, thicker kind? Your suggestions are welcome.

Forever Young said...

The leggings I am wearing are cotton and I picked them up at old navy... And yes, I do have to be sure that when I am buying leggings they are not see through, it can make shopping interesting. Also, AND YES, it would be so fun to live close and hang out to our hearts content!!!

Ana from Sweet Serendipity said...

This is adorable! Love the flower pattern! Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly! :) Hope to see you there next week!

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