Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pillowcase To Pale Vintage Love!!!

Well ladies and gents, the little one is growing too fast, leaving her dress selection looking pretty slim these days. Time for a date with my sewing machine.  I hit the local thrift stores for some  inspiration and material, and oh did I find inspiration. I snatched up this lacy light pink pillowcase that was beautiful, and only $2.  The lace alone is worth so much more than $2, seriously, lace is expensive.  I decided that the color and lace would be perfect for a nice vintage frock.  I took the pillowcase home and that night put this dress together for a wedding the next day.  Hope you enjoy it:) I know I loved making this one:  Plus doesn't my little one look adorable?
 Dress and little rosette for the little ones perfect locks:

Please do forgive the picture overload... This was just such a fun piece to photograph... Oh and that cage you see next to Bella is the dogs home and you better believe that Bella is OBSESSED!!!


Emily said...

OH MY GOODNESS! That dress is so beautiful! Great job. I would have never thought it used to be a pillow case!

shopannies said...

beautiful hard to believe it started as a pillowcase come see me at

Cathy said...

That in one adorible dress and little cutie. Great work on both of them.
I just found your blog and am impressed.

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