Tuesday, September 6, 2011

$2 Pleats and Floral Score!!!!

A couple weekends ago I spotted a dark floral pleated skirt while attending a wedding.  It was high waisted perfectness and I wanted it, bad! I kept my eyes pealed for a couple of days following the sighting.  Sure enough, I found a pretty dark floral that would be perfect, plus it was only $2 a yard, oh yeah!!! I decided to go with 6 pleats on the front and back and used an old zipper that I had lying around.  I love the rich red/pink color of the flowers, it will definitely make this skirt fun during the following fall months. 

She is my little buddy and currently likes to plant her little bum on my feet if she finds me holding still for longer than a couple seconds. 
I just had to put a couple good ones of the little lady.


PS Come back tomorrow, I will be revealing a dress that will blow your mind:)

1 comment:

miamihoney said...

You are quite skilled-great job! What a cute assistant :)

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