Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Roses are Red and Mustard is Yellow

Well folks, I bring to you yet another thrifty find that started out three sizes too big but is now a perfect fit.  I can honestly say I wasn't looking for anything like this one but it caught my eye with it's red roses and mustard yellow back splash. I knew it's sheer material would help me finish off the summer keeping me cool and send me right into fall with it's rich colors. So I didn't hesitate on the purchase of this vintage beauty. To make this piece even better the tailoring of this find was easy peasy... bonus!!!  All I had to do was cut down the sleeves and bodice and trip up the wrists. I know, so simple right?  And guys, I am loving it!!! A true match made in easy-romantic-clothing heaven.

  How are you planning to finish off your summer??? Hmmmm????

1 comment:

miamihoney said...

Very dramatic. You are able to pull this off and I love the necklace. It seems rather eclectic but super glam.

My summer is over :( The joys of being a teacher.

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