Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Do Diligence

This morning after leaving the house I got a call from the hubby to hear the bad news that on the one night he forgot to lock up his bike it was stolen. Yep, gone. His beautiful Haro mountain bike. I was not upset, I was MADE.  Why do people steal? I'm sure their reasons are endless but none of them are acceptable.  I headed home to concur the vacancy but on my way I scanned the streets and took a couple extra turns to cover more ground. We filed a police report, but come on? The likelihood that they are going to find it or have the resources to look for it are slim to none. Not dissing the local police, they're great, but I am sure they have more important things to worry about then a stolen bike.  With that said I could feel the bike slipping through our fingers the longer we SAT and waited.  I couldn't take it. With Bella taking a nap and Ash home sick I decided to hit the pavement.  A little over two hours later, after knocking on doors in four neighborhoods, driving up and down streets, saying a gazillion prayers I found the bike leaning up against a tree.  Yeah... I know we are the luckiest people EVER, but I know that came because I did my do diligence.  Hey it pays off... here is the bike:
Mr. Hubby was beyond pleased.  After multiple kisses and thanks he took me to Rumbi for dinner (I have been craving Rumbi for the past three days).
Okay, now on to the good stuff... I made this little yellow number a couple weeks ago and completely spaced putting it up.  I thrifted the material for a buckaroo and went solo on the design. Enjoy:)
Oh, I almost forgot, my cannon camera stopped working so I had to pull out this dusty Kodak. He's pretty ancient so be nice to him:(

Oh my tired feet. Today they cleaned bathrooms, mopped the floor, took care of a little one, ran 5 miles, shopped, and carried my body as I solicited through 4 neighborhoods for a missing bike.  How are you're feet doing?


miamihoney said...

Glad you found the bike, what a pain! I love the fabric you choose for your top. Here's to a more relaxing day tomorrow ;)

My feet are well rested...we did nada today!

Emily said...

That is so awesome you found the bike!
Oh and your outfit... I kept thinking, I really like that shirt,(scroll down) wow... and the belt!, (scroll down) and cute sandals! I love it all!

Little Lovables said...

That sounds like one crazy day! But, at least your shirt is amazing!!

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