Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Old Dress Gets A Maxi Skirt Makeover

I raided my closet today and found an old dress that I have had for just over a year and a half and maybe worn twice.  It was purchased at Ross for a steal, but the top was all wrong for my broad shoulders.  Plus I had to layer it in order to wear it and for someone like me, too many layers = sweaty, uncomfortable Meg.  With that said, I still couldn't get rid of the dress, the pattern was just too cute and the material was just too comfy. I was literally a second from putting it in the donation pile when the purpose for this dress dawned on me.  For the last while I have been drooling over the new Maxi skirts that I have been seeing around, and this dress would provide the perfect amount/kind of material to make my own.  So I sacrificed my dress to satisfy my craving and I am OH so pleased.  I hope you are too!!!
The Dress BEFORE Maxi Skirt makeover:
 After: Maxi Skirt is now complete:)

 See me lounge in my deliciously comfortable skirt
The great thing about Maxi Skirts is they are incredibly versatile. Wear it with a T shirt, or wear it tucked in with a belt. Heck, wear it with a sweater...:)
  Hope fellow bloggers and readers enjoyed this project, and I hope it has encouraged others to go shopping in their own close:)

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