Monday, May 16, 2011

They call me mellow yellow....

I have always wondered why yellow is often paired with the phrase mellow. To me, yellow is anything BUT mellow. It is a bright, cheerful, and energetic color that reminds me of sunshine, and when paired with gray looks fabulous.  I have wanted to start decorating my house with these two colors and when  I noticed my front door needed a little bit of sophisticated love I went hunting(thrifting) for supplies. I found a branch wreath for $1, gray twisted paper ribbon for $0.50, a cool yellow hot pad for $0.25, and a multi yellow colored pack of string. After organizing my thoughts for a bit, I got to work. The project took about 45 minutes to make start to finish and was fun to make. Hope you like my knew wreath.
 Some of the string I used
 The tag for the Jumbo Twist Paper Ribbon
 Hot glue and vuala...
 I made the flowers out of the yellow/white hot pad I found and string
 I love how it turned out:)

Hope you enjoyed. Come back tomorrow if you would like to see the new summer top I made for Bella, it is adorable.



brock said...
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Dani Christensen said...

I'm with you! I want to go for the whole yellow and gray thing right now. I think it's so light and airy. But when I tried it in my room, it turned up more black and yellow....not the same. haha But it's fun to try! And I love all this thrifty stuff you've been doing. Very inspiring!!

ps - Removed post was me....I posted under my husband's account....oops haha

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