Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail

Easter was wonderfully pleasant and busy. We spent Saturday with Ashton's side of the family and Sunday with my side of the family. Bella experienced Easter egg hunting for the first time.  Her second time around she really got the hang of it. 
 Easter egg hunting with my little doll face on Saturday. I wish this picture wasn't fuzzy because it is one of my favorites

 Easter morning breakfast; pancakes, bacon, eggs, Orange Julius, and milk. Yum! (Don't worry I made wheat pancakes and turkey bacon for myself)
 Bella absolutely loved her Orange Julius!!!
 Sunday Easter egg hunt. 
 She was obsessed with her eggs.
 Adding another egg to her basket.
 Uncle Matt with his nieces and nephew; Reece, Bella,  and Duvlan.

 Bella just hangin with Uncle Matt.
After such a busy weekend, our little one was pretty worn out. Fell asleep rolling around on the floor.

Hope everyone had a great Easter too.


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Emily said...

What a fun weekend!!

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