Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Polka Dot Surprise

Well the surprise is here and it's filled with black polka dots on burnt orange.  I know interesting color choice... but I love it!!! Fabulously orange, and polka dots??? Come on.... Wonderful!!! I thrifted a whole bunch of this material for $2, grabbed a couple simple black round button's from "the Wal" and  started sewing.  I first cut out the shape, then ran stretch thread across the chest area(6 or 7 lines about an inch and a half apart), made the selves, made the edges, collar, and all the button holes. I love love love this dress. Did you get that:) Why? Not only is it so comfortable but it doubles as a tunic too.  Let's face it some days are dress days and some days are tunic with leggings days.  I provided pictures of both styles on this post for you. If you have any question's or comments please don't hesitate to type me a line.  Thanks for the support:)

 Front as a tunic
  Side as a tunic. You can see that I added a little button up piece on each side.

Enjoy your Tuesday:)



Emily said...

Ok this one is MY FAVORITE!!! I love that you made it versatile! I love both looks! You're genius!

Jen and Chris said...

You are so talented! Love all your creations.

Cori said...

Good work megs! Wanna make me one now? You know how I love a good polka dot!

Jamie and Tom said...

Hey Meg!

I hope you don't mind that I look at your blog! The things you make are so so incredible! I found your blog once and have to keep coming back just to see what you make. I love it! I am very very impressed with everything. Keep it up!

Monica Whitney said...

Oh, wow! I love this dress! And you are beautiful. I am loving your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow back!

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