Friday, April 22, 2011

Lamp Revamp

Walking through the thrift store I ran into a really old lamp with a missing shad, covered with pealing pant and rusted metal.  The moment I set my eyes on it I saw past all that, I could see it's potential. I knew I couldn't just leave the poor old guy sitting on the lonely shelf moping in his peeling pant and rust, plus it was only a buck or two.  So I checked and made sure the electric was solid before committing to the snatch.  I then thrifted a really cheep drum shad, and a fabulous light green/blue lacy curtain panel.  Took everything home and got to work.
 After a good washing and cleaning, it was time for a new bright white coat of paint.
I ran the curtain through my sewing machine to add some gather work,then attached the modified material to the thrifted drum shade.

 Fabulous finished product!!!
 I absolutely love my new lamp. 
 Oh yeah... I almost forgot. The tally and total for this project: lamp $2, drum shade $2, lacy curtain $1, can of high gloss white spray paint: $0.98. Total for the lamp: $5.98. 
Not bad at all!!!


see you soon!

See ya next time.

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