Friday, April 8, 2011

For my Bella

After watching an inspiring Nate Show, where the focus was organizing your closet and in doing so rediscover your cloths, I decided to at least go through the hanging items in my closet and put them in their proper color coordinated places. I used to be religious about color coordinating my clothing and then one shirt at a time I sloppily put the items fresh from the laundry in whatever space seemed available at the time. This lead to an entire closet of mis-match, unorganized, and hard to find cloths.  I seriously forgot about half the items I had in my closet.  Any ways, while repositioning everything I decided to discard clothing that I seriously NEVER wear.  My donation pile grew as the freed-up hanger's pile grew.  After finishing this up I began to load the clothing into a big bag for DI when I stopped at an old light blue shirt of mine.  The idea came as soon as I touched the fabric.  This shirt would be perfect for Bella and her pretty blue eyes.  So about 20 minutes later (seriously it only took like 20 minuets, one of the perks of refurbishing and old shirt is that half the hem lines are done for you) what I had in my mind was right in front of me.  Enjoy!
 A shirt dress with cute half leggings:):):) I absolutely LOVE it, and my little Bella will look so adorable in this stylin' outfit.  I think I will pair it with some cute sandals.
 Bonus: The material had this fabulous embroidered sequent design going on.

Let me know what you think. Hope you have liked this project/idea, and I hope it has inspired you to look at your old shirts in a different way.

Ta ta till later,


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