Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quick Break from the Floral Project.

I interrupt the Floral Project 3 for a simple and easy to make brown/tan pencil skirt.  Don't worry Floral #3 is still coming your way very soon... I just really, really wanted to wear a brown pencil skirt with my green shirt and didn't have one. Knowing that I would not rest easy until I had a brown pencil skirt I got to work.  I finished up this guy last night using some thrifted material ($3 for about 3 and a half yards). After the last stitch was made, I washed it (to account for needed shrinkage), ironed it, and vuala... slipped it on today.  I hope you like it, it isn't anything super special, just a simple skirt with a cool pattern.
 Just love this material!!!

Sorry about the lamo pictures, had to take them with my Bella rolling around on the floor desperately wanting my attention.  She was actually being really funny but any more pictures and she would not be a happy little lady.

Floral #3 coming you way SOON!!! Come back and visit:)


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