Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm in love...with four little munchkins.

Last weekend my sister Cori and her husband Craig decided to bring there kids up to mom and dad's house for couple of days so they could get some things around the house done. I, of course, was ecstatic. You see, even though they technically are not MY kids, I still feel responsible for them, love love love them, want them to succeed, have so much fun playing with them, and want nothing more than to always be close to them so I can attack them with aunt Meg (as Hannah calls me) hugs. So now that you have a little picture in your head you can see why I was so excited that they decided to come up. So Sunday Ashton and I head to my parents house early and await their arrival. The day was pure bliss, hanging out with my absolute favorite people, my family. After Cori and Craig left and the night started to grow late I hugged little Ethan, never forgetting to take in a good whiff of his pure baby angel smell, tickled Carter and let my eyes take in his truly kind tiger face (seriously the cutes thing I have ever seen), and went over to Hannah who looked at me with a little frown. "You don't need to leave aunt Meg, there is a bed here for you." How can anyone really argue with that...come on? So I whispered into her ear would you like to have a slumber party with Aunt Meghan and Uncle Ashton. Ashton then chimed in, "We could watch a kid movie tonight?" Hannah looked up with excited eyes, "A princess one?" It was decided. We had a slumber party complete with Disney's Cinderella (the continuation one), stayed up late telling princess stories (including one I had to make up on the fly called The Woman of the Lake, I think the woman's name was Andelea or something), slept in, tickled uncle Ashton to wake him up, made eggs and french toast for breakfast with aunt meg, watched another kid movie, had a bubble bath (I seriously need to get some kid bath toys), did our hair, and then were out the door.

Hannah had said that she really wanted to go shopping and get something for herself, sooooo uncle Ashton had the brilliant idea to give Hannah a dollar or two and take her to the dollar store to let her get whatever her heart desired. She seemed to really like this idea. After that we took Hannah bedroom shopping with us (we have been window shopping for a new bed and bedroom furniture for a while). We were sure to take Hannah by the little girls section, and let her test most of the beds for comfort. At one point she started jumping from bed to bed, so we decided to through in the 'no shoes on the bed' rule. Seconds later she was on her hands and knees crawling from bed to bed. "Don't worry aunt meg my shoes aren't touching." Ummmm can I say cleaver and adorable. We had Wendy's for dinner and milk shakes for dessert, Hannah and I shared a Vanilla shake with a cherry on top. She even got to meet one of my nephews from Ashton's side of the family. They totally hit it off, and I think Tristan has met his true love. They were in little kid heaven. Every couple of minutes had would run up to me saying something like, "Meghan the boy helped me do this," or "the boy showed me how to use this toy." (she kept referring to him as 'the boy' sooooo cute) I could see so much Meaker and Robinson in Hannah. The drive back to grandma's house was bitter sweet, she was singing and making up stories and saying the cutest things-sweet, but this meant my time with my favorite little person was coming to an end-bitter. I don't think little kids can comprehend how much they are loved. At one point I turned and told little Hannah how much I love her, and she said that she loved me too. I had to turn around so she wouldn't see her aunt Meghan cry. Yeah, yeah...I know I'm a baby. I couldn't help myself. We kissed Carter and Hannah goodbye, with them both pleading for us NOT to go and trying to tell us to stay because there were beds for us at grandma's house.

Oh this story doesn't end yet. Wednesday, the day my mom took the kids back home I totally lost it...AT WORK...IN FRONT OF MY COWORKERS...AND...MY CLIENTS. It wasn't just little tears either. They were full on shaking and tears. I went to the bathroom for that part. What is my deal? It is so amazing how are hearts can expand, with every new addition we love more. Little Hannah came first, then Carter Man, then Baby Ethan(he will always be a baby to me), last energetic Duvlan who had more facial expression on a newborn then any other baby I have seen. I love them all, would give and do anything for them, and want to have babies so my kids can come to love them as much as I do and will be able to play with their cousins (just as I got to).

Love, Aunt Meg

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Bryant and Jodi said...

Ok first off I just love your posts. You make me smile! I totally agree about wanting the best for your neices and nephews. Enjoying every second you have with them and trying to find more ways to play with them. I had a toy bax full and loaded with kids books before I had kids. Just so that when I have sleep overs at Aunt Jo Jo's we had fun things to do.

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