Friday, January 16, 2009


I love to escape... I don't know what it is, but I love to get away from it all, drive, fly, whatever I need to do to leave where I am to get somewhere new. Escape from my reality and plunge myself into a reality that is not my own. Is that weird? It isn't that I don't totally love and adore my life... But rather I want to understand the reality of those around me. I want to see how they deal, see how they love, see how they breath. And this can truly only be done if one is willing to immerse him/her self completely in ways of life that are far removed from his/her own. It all seems so refreshing. Getting a new outlook, seeing it, it being life, done a different way. I'm glad and lucky that my husband shares this same want/desire with me. I often wish that I could just get in a car and planning, no suitcase (yeah NO suite case, shed the part of me that always has to have a 50 pound bag somewhere close by), and no idea of where I'm going. Just Me, Ashton, some comfy shoes, and my small leather satchel (a hand made small leather purse-hopefully with some money in it- that I got in Mexico, my fav to travel with). Be unlike me for a day, and rely on my instincts not my planning just for one day.

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Lewis Fam: said...

i'm totally with you on that one :) that's funny, chris and i are in thailand just "escaping" it and discovering all sorts of things...and also i am carrying only a leather! funny! but we also have giant suitcases.

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