Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Dekgal

To Dekgal,
I was not offended at all. I can understand how my deep thankfulness to God for sending him to me, imperfections and all, can seem a little depended. The truth is, I have become very interdependent meaning: “The interlocking of parts within a system. Within human geography, it is a view of a system as a whole, stressing the role of each part of the system.” This has allowed us to be as one. Continuously becoming the better version of ourselves, both pointed in the same direction, with the same "main" goals in mind. Make it back to God with our family after a successful life of love, children, giving, and serving...oh and did I mention see the world (he he he). We each play a key role in each other’s lives and eternal progression. The man could not live without the woman nor could the woman without the man. Each of us assumes vital and irreplaceable roles. Yes he loves hunting, I love dancing, he loves science, I love English, he loves to figure out how things work (ps he is an engineer), I love to make things work, he hates cooking, I love see what I mean? I still paint, build, cook, dance, sing, read, write, clean like a maniac, yada yada yada, and he still does all of the things he loves. We try to do a lot of them together so we can better understand how each person works, but we still do some of them separately, I believe everyone needs to have their individual spiritual, mental, and physical awareness in check, and continue through life living spherically (in many directions). I am still growing and creating the person I wish to be, it will be lifelong(and continue after this life) only, I having someone to share it with. Someone to offer unconditional love, have a family with, grown with, create with, experience pain with, experience joy with, someone to offer support, and someone I can spend eternity with. I do not believe that man was meant to be a lone, nor do I believe that it is healthy. We believe that man and woman can be together forever, even after this life. If he were to leave this life unexpectedly, of course I would be a complete wreck, I would be depressed as all get out, my heart would ach for him, I would cry till I had no tears left to cry, but then, in the quite on my knees, I would remember that he has not left me…he is waiting for me. We will be together again; we will continue our progression together after this life.
I can see how some might misinterpret the churches view on women’s roles…but our church strongly believes that each person has a Devine destiny and we must all come to know and understand in this life what our personal Devine destiny is. The truth is we have a most precious role, which is not to be taken lightly. To nurture, love, bring calm to situations, bring heart and soul into the forefront of man’s minds, we are the glue that holds the puzzle together (and so much more). The men of this church deeply love, support, respect, protect, and treasure what we do just as we do the same for them. Men also play a key role in the family unit, they hold the responsibility to protect, and guide the family back to God (and so much more). In our faith we are obligated to help one another as equal partners. The gospel actually exhorts women to develop their own individual talents, to grow and become the best version of ourselves. The church also believes that we all have something good to offer this world, each one profound in its own way. I feel rather sad, that society has degraded the role of being a wife and motherhood so much, almost as if turning it into a chore. I believe that women are not defined by motherhood or being a wife, rather we are all individuals with different aspirations, different talents, and different goals. What society can’t seem to understand these days is that we are BLESSED to me mothers and wives. It is the most prized and precious gift that God could give us. Being a wife and mother is the most sacred task of them all, it goes beyond this temporary life. It does not demean our talents, aspirations, and goals, rather it enhances them. That is what I believe and stand for, that is what my gospel upholds and teaches.
I thank you for your inquiry and hope I have been able to answer your question and offer any needed clarity on the matter. Please don’t hesitate to ask:)
Much thanks,
Meghan Young
(ps: if you are interested to find more information, go to it is a great resource)

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dekgal said...

I hope you don't mind me calling you by your first name given that I came off as a toad (known as Dekgal to my fellow toads) in my original posts. I wanted to thank you for your considered--and considerate--response to my original missive to you considering many would think I didn't deserve the latter.
Since I don't drink, I can't be guilty of "drunken dialing" but, alas, I can succumb to excessively tired "posting" it seems. I had no right (and, worse, no good reason) to leave the post I did because it was intrusive, uninvited, and perjorative in tone.
In closing, you have my appreciation for the tone of your response, and your husband has earned my envy for having such a gracious and beautiful wife.


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