Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Thankfuls:)

Today... I am extremely thankful for:

1. My wonderful, beautiful country, and all of the brave men that have fought over the years to protect a nation who's foundational principles were ingrained with goodness and guided by God. My country which, from it's infancy, was raised to be a democracy, lead by the people, protected by the people, and fought for the people.

2. The fact that I can't go even a night without my heart aching for my loves arms to be wrapped around me.

3. Ashton making me crack up everyday!!! Even right after a disagreement, he seems to always be able to lighten the situation and make me smile.

4. Going back to nature and making something from the harvest...for instance, today was home made apple sauce using apples we were given from a friends garden.

5. The sacrifices Ashton makes just so I can be happy...I am so lucky.

(sorry if most of these are about Ashton...but what can I say, he is pretty amazing)


dekgal said...

Megan, I don't mean any disprespect but do you have a life outside of, and complete from, this dude Ashton? That is, could you continue to function if he were no longer part of your life for whatever reason for an indefinite period of time? It seems to be a tenet of the Mormon faith that the woman complete subsumes herself to the male, and I was hoping you could clarify that apppearance for me. I am not trying to degrade or injury your believes but I don't seem to undertand the female/male dynamic as it pertains to religion. I do apologize if I caused you distress in any way with my questions.

dekgal said...

Megan, I apologize for the intrusive nature of the questions posed. They were unwanted and unwarranted because they violated the sanctity of your marriage and I do apologize for them. Curiousity got the better of me--glad that I am not a cat (but the jury is still out on the Cad classifaction.)

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