Sunday, September 7, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day weekend, Ashton and I got to head up to Bear Lake with Mom, Dad and Matt, and Cori and Craig. It was so fun!!! We stayed at the cutest bed and breakfast called the Blue Bird Inn just above the Idaho border. The weekend was perfect. Saturday and most of Sunday the weather was amazing and beautiful. We went hiking, played soccer on the beach, sat in the hot tub, did a little fishing, sneaked into a closed model home, played catch, all piled around a lap top to watch Batman Begins, had the loudest and most hilarious family night ever (equipped with pizza, milk shakes, and Janga), Ashton and I stayed up till 2 watching the office and Harry Potter, had the most delicious breakfasts every morning, and of course got some shopping in. The rest of Sunday and all of Monday a huge storm blew in which, was actually really fun to experience. Tree limbs were falling down(right were we had previously parked our cars), people were be lifted up (at one point the wind almost blew Ashton off the balcony), and the rain was horizontal for most of the day. It was a really fun weekend. Thanks Mom and Dad for the B & B room.Part of the amazing garden at the B&B. Cori we finally found a bridge our size:)
PS: I was freezing in this picture, if you can't tell.
Inside the Blue Bird Inn
The gang trying to stay warm inside. Mom and Craig, you guys are crazy, where are your jackets?
A look at the kind of yummy breakfast we got every morning!!!
Cut Cori and Craig smiling at dinner.
Me and Ashton at dinner:)
My cute husband smiling at Bloomington Lake, a glacier fed lake that apparently has no found depth yet. Craig decided to take a swim in the freezing water, you can see him in the background drying off. Craig your crazy, but we love you:)
Me and Ashton on the hike to Bloomington Lake.


GILES FAM said...

Ok, it's official. your family is so dang cute! I love all the family trips you guys do together. So fun! and really cute pics!

Chris and Jen said...

Bear Lake is the greatest! I've driven by the Bluebird Inn a thousand times, but never seen the inside. That breakfast looks amazing:) I had to work in the storm, it was horrible!

tyler and emily said...

Neat place! Looks like your fam had a great time together. That last picture is so pretty. I love being so close to the mountains.

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