Thursday, September 25, 2008

Home projects

Being done with school frees up a lot of home time, well kind of. That is, if your not working all the time, which I have a tendency to do:) Any ways, for a while I have wanted to build a shelf and well... I finished it. About a month ago I decided that I wanted to build a shelf, from scratch. Yep, that's right, design, find the wood, cut the wood, nail, sand, and paint a shelf all by myself. So I finally finished and put it up in our office and it makes such a huge difference in there. We, me and Ashton, both love it. It is kind of a modern design to match the cheep office furniture that we have in their. We were hoping that if we put a nice modern piece in there and spray paint the old furniture black that maybe, just maybe, our office would look like it had a rhyme or reason to it. Well, goal achieved.

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