Sunday, September 7, 2008

Big Albino Trout

Every day, for about a month and a half, Ashton went to the same spot to try and catch this big albino white trout, but all to no avail. The fish just wasn't interested, so after a very unsuccessful day of fishing up various canyons and on different rivers Ashton and I visited this all too well know spot. As I walked up I could see the trout wading in the water just under the bridge. So without hesitation I slowly walked forward and casted right in front of him and began reeling in. Saying that we were all surprised when the fish took hold of my lure is an understatement to say the least. I was so excited I could hardly bring him in. I wish that everyone could have seen the look on Ashton's face, "you've got to be kidding me?" Nope, I got the fish that he had been trying for for a month and a half, and I got him with only one cast. I was very proud of myself for two reasons. First, because I casted so well; and Second, because if any of you know Ashton you know that he is the best fisherman out there and could out fish me any day of the week. At least now their will be one day, recorded in history, that I outfished him!!! Sorry hunny, I had to brag a little:)

1 comment:

Chris and Jen said...

way to go, that is so awesome! i am a fisherwoman too:)

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