Thursday, September 25, 2008

Out of Commission

Just got back from the ER having fun with Amanda and Eddie.
Me and Ashton taking a family picture.
Out of commission:( Last Saturday Ashton and I went down to Brigham city to help his bother lay pipe. By the way, the pipe was like a foot in diameter and the length of two big back yards. We spent the morning digging the knee-high trenches, and then started with the joints. His brother got the pipe for free but we didn't have the materials to make the "normal" joints, so we had to finesse it a little with tar, extra pipe and metal wires with holes in them. So we fasten the first one, then the second, then I had to leave to get some things ready for a family party. I showered, dressed, ran to the grocery store for a side dish, and arrived at my in laws house just in time. When I walked through the door the first thing I heard was, "did Ashton call you, did you hear?" I had a puzzled look on my face so Charlotte, my mother in law, continued to tell me that Ashton went to the ER, because he cute his hand pretty bad. Great, I was with him all day and I leave for a couple of minutes and look what happened. I started freaking out. So I call him and I guess he cut his thumb and by doing so cut the extender tendon in his thumb in half. Yep in half, and on his left hand(ps he is left handed). I was a little frustrated that he didn't call me right away, but he assured me it wasn't a big deal and didn't want to make it a big deal, or make me worry. Ummm... pretty sure he achieved the exact opposite. So later when we were talking about the whole ordeal he fessed up and told me what he really thought. These were his exact words, "I feel stupid. Why couldn't it have been something cool, like my whole hand?" Yeah, I know. My husband is crazy, but I love him and hope all of my little boys someday have his same attitude. He goes in for surgery this Monday so hopefully they can fix everything up for him. At least for the next six weeks he'll be giving a permanent thumbs up.

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Raquel & Marc said...

Is it bad that I am kind of laughing inside? I hope all goes well with surgery and recovery. Going to the hospital is the worst. You are such a little mini-wood woman. Uncle Gary would be so proud.

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