Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Hills Are Alive

So last night Ashton and I went over to my parents house because...well frankly we needed a break from reality. We were hanging out with dad for a little while when he told us that Craig Miller, his old friend from California and my childhood giant (he really was a giant next to my 4' something stature), was coming into town. I was so excited!!! This guy was so awesome. Our family lived down the street from his family and we were constantly going back and forth between the two houses. He would through us little Meaker minis in the pool, in the air, around in circles. We all loved it and would plead, "AGAIN" until his arms about fell off. Anyway when he arrived I gave him a big hug and the first thing he did was pick me up and throw me in the air. It was a little out of the ordinary, for one because I am not a 10 year old anymore, and two he has gotten older over the years, but at the same time I could see that he just really missed our family and all of the memories. The highlight of the night came when he pulled out a DVD he had made of a trip our two families went on to Mt. Rushmore. Mom, Dad, Matt, Heather, me, Ashton and Craig all piled around the little 12 inch TV in the kitchen and watched the movie. It was so cool to see how much my sisters have and haven't changed over the years. By the end of the movie my face hurt from laughing and smiling so much. More than anything I was just glad that Craig had made me a copy which means that all of my sisters have to come over to my house for a Mt. Rushmore movie night.
PS. The Sound of Music was even on the video.


Cori said...

I'm dying, I want to see it. I can't believe he got a vidoe of that I totally have to show it to Craig, I'm always trying to describe that experience to him!

Tashina said...

Cori... it's the best. You can totally see all of our personalities just as little people. I can't stand how valley girl... cheerleader... dark lipstick I am. It's hilarious. The funny thing is just the other day I was telling Nick... "oh I hope I was not as immature as these kids at high school are." Turns out I was. Oh well, things change. I sure hope I'm not as bad as I used to be!

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