Monday, October 15, 2012

Pillow Case Re-Purpose Lovin'

I've been feeling the stress of life the last couple of weeks. Trying to balance, or rather juggle, being mommy, my job, the Mr.'s job, and things not really working out with where we are trying to build a house is... well... making me feel a little crazy. I am so grateful for my family, the work and everything but man, I sometimes feel like I can't keep my brain straight. Any relate? On top of it all, this week my parents and sister went to New York and I am watching my brother Matty (which is actually really fun, I love my brother), my husband went to France on business, and I was called to Jury Duty. Luckily the judge could see that I was a little capped off on the stress o meter and let me out of this one (don't know how I would have juggled that on with a two year old). Any ways, I have been making some fun little lovely's for Halloween, my sisters little one coming soon:), and a couple little things for myself. My latest project involves a really cute pencil made from a dollars worth of material I thrifted, the picture is above.

And yes, this skirt used to be a pillow case, but that will be our little secret;)

1 comment:

miamihoney said...

That is super cute! I can't imagine that being a pilllowcase, you give it the real fashionista vibe!

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