Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Oh Sew Lovely

Did you ever think burlap could be so lovely??? Hmmm....
Silk Plum
or that when brown is added with a little burnt orange could be so fun??? Hmmmm....
Silk Plum
Well hello blog world. How are you doing today.  How was your Monday? Mine comprised of two doctors appointments (one for Bella, and one for me), cleaning, emails, working out, making dinner, and to be perfectly honest, a little bit of mindless TV to send me off to bed. Regarding my doctors appointment, I found out that the pain in my knee is in fact legitimate. Oh great!  Luckily it can be fixed with extra strength workouts to my booty, and little brace:( when needed.  You'd think that being a runner and workout goer that my booty is strong enough right? Well apparently my side muscles are not strong enough for my quads to keep my legs stabilized correctly.  So my quads are pulling out my knee caps when I bend, run, walk up and down the stairs, etc. blah, blah, blah. This was actually a BIG relief for me.  I had a horrible feeling that it was something more serious, and the doctor would march out of his office with his finger pointed at me and say, "NO MORE RUNNING."  Oh happy day, I can still run!!! My hubby will like that too.... cause I don't know about you guys, but running keeps me sane and happy, and that equals happy wife and mom.

Ta ta... Happy Tuesday:)


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