Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cabin Fever and 10% Off:)

Today my stomach just can't seem to make up it's mind. It's fine one minute and a painful rock the next. Miss indecisive I tell you! So basically after a day of frequent tummy aches and exhaustion spells,  I made myself stay home from the gym (I feel like I am going through withdrawals) I know I need the rest though so I am handling it;)  Tomorrow sweat and I will be friends once more, and I can say goodbye to cabin fever.  I think it affecting Bella too. Today I spent a half hour throwing ripped pieces of news paper up in the air over her head. SHE LOVED IT!!! Could not stop laughing, and every time I tried to stop she quickly started handing me any piece that she could reach.  She was having so much fun that I kind of just let the room go and after a half hour of throwing small pieces of newspaper in the air... well, you can imagine. It was totally worth the mess in the end... with her tongue hanging out of her mouth there were some serious giggles going on. LOVE.

With no workout in, I needed to put myself to work, so I finally started a project that I have been thinking up for a little while. A new dress, for me!  I found some really comfy material a while ago that is OH so perfect for fall!!! I just about have it finished, I need to get a couple hems done tomorrow but other than that, I have a great new piece for fall. I'm thinkin' about layering it with scarves and sweaters, and throwing on a great pair of boots, oh I can't wait to show you all!!! What are you wanting to add to your wardrobe for fall??? Anything good?

Because November is now here (the month of not only family and food, but shopping), and because I love you guys so much I am putting out a 10% off coupon code to Silk Plum for this week. Hope this helps out with Christmas shopping:)         Here is the code LOVE2FALL

Be sure to send the message on to a friend:)
much love


Come back tomorrow and I will show ya my new dress:)

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