Monday, October 31, 2011

Winner of the Silk Plum Giveaway!!!

Sorry guys for leaving you waiting. I was hit really hard with either the stomach flue or food poisoning this weekend.  Lucky for me, my sweet hubby took care of me, the little one, and all the household stuff, so I could stay in bed. Believe me, bed is where I stayed, I really haven't been that sick in a long time... well I guess not that long, I was pretty ill the first part of my pregnancy. No, I am not pregnant. Anyways, I'm getting lost here. Okay, so sick this weekend and today was packed full of Halloween fun, but I would now like to bring you the winner of the Silk Plum giveaway. Results were provided by

Drum roll please....


Mari from

Who won:

Congratulations Mari, please shoot me an email me with your information so I can get your 20 by 20 Pillow Cover mailed to you ASAP:)

Thanks to everyone who entered the drawing, be sure to stay tuned for the next one:)
Happy Halloween!!!


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