Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Breaking Dawn and A New Song

Okay... I am obsessed!!!! I saw Breaking Dawn last night and it was AMAZING. Pretty sure I need to see this movie a bazillion times to get my fix (and yes I am aspiring to be a teenager, he he he). Seriously, if you have not see this movie... then get your booty on over to the theater ASAP.  Another bonus of last night was I got to see Breaking Dawn with my awesome sisters, mother, cousin, and friend.  I'll tell you what, a ladies night can't get much better than sushi and breaking dawn with your favorite people.

On another good note, I just uploaded my latest home recorded song (ha ha do you like the double meaning... oh I am so cleaver).  I went acapella with this one, and did it while the babe was sleeping.  Hope you enjoy it:)


What to hear some more??? Look up and click the Megs Music tab.

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