Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sundays and Lasagna

I'm cooking lasagna today, on Sunday, and this always makes me feel a little nostalgic.  As smell of lasagna fills the air in my little home on this Sunday afternoon it brings back many memories of my childhood.  Growing up it was very common to have 20 people at our house for dinner on Sundays. Lasagna is such a great dish and it can feed a lot mouths too.  Sunday was always a full day at the Meaker house; church,  tones of people, great food, playing games, laughing (a lot of laughing), watching movies in the winter, and laying out on the grass in the summer. Just being around each other and spending time together was what it was all about.  Having family and friends never too far was such a great way to grow up.   I hope I can provide the same environment for my babies as they get older too. 

What are you cookin' this Sunday afternoon?



Emily said...

Oooh lasagna sounds sooo yummy! I can just imagine the smells coming from your home. With Tyler being sick today we all had our own little dinner of random leftovers, but I wish we had lasagna. :)

Forever Young said...

Totally been there, somedays are just NO COOKING days.


miamihoney said...

Sounds delish. We are just getting home so our dinner yesterday (Sunday) and today were quite random but tomorrow I am planning something good :)

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