Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mustard Yellow

It has been cooling down here on my little spot of the world.  A chilly 40 this morning definitely woke me up, but this is a good thing, a very good thing. It means that it is time for pink little noses, red chubby cheeks, cuddling under soft throws,  hot coco, sweaters, and deep colors.  Among those beautiful deep hues I find myself wanting more mustard yellow in my wardrobe.  There is something about this color.  It's simply fabulous.  It looks great with just about every other shade of color and it adds such a classic look to an outfit. 

 I think I need these shoes and bag???

Mustard Infinity Scarf, Silk Plum
 I couldn't help myself, I had to add a little mustard to my shop, Silk Plum.

Pheasant Pleated Pouch, Silk Plum
You see what I mean about mustard complimenting so many colors.  Added this little number to the shop as well.

What do you need a little more of in your wardrobe?



Emily said...

What I need in my wardrobe are more clothes that fit! :) jk... no but really.

I love the mustard yellow too!! I'm so excited for this cooler weather we're having! Tomorrow and the rest of the week are supposed to me much cooler too.

Forever Young said...

Hey i know the feeling... an ever growing belly can really limit the selection. I think by the end I was down to like 2 or three shirts... lamo;)

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