Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Renovations On Hold For A Rainy Day

I know to the blogging world I must look like a major slacker... But don't let my elusive blogging foul you.  I have been finishing things up for my Etsy shop, majorly overhauling an old buffet hutch, working on music, all on top of wifehood, motherhood, and workhood(??? is that how you would say it???). Yes I do work from home, but I still have to seriously schedule my time wisely.  I am coming tonight to talk on a very specific subject, CLUTTER.  Even though the solution to my clutter is just right around the corner (hence the makeover of the old buffet hutch) I am going crazy.  For one the clutter is on my kitchen table in plain sight, you seriously can't be anywhere on my first floor without seeing it.  Whenever family or friends come over I sheepishly result to a long explanation in a desperate attempt to convince my visitors of the truth, that I'm not messy or a slob.  Please tell me that I am not the only one who does this? Anyone? Bueller? I thought these day's would be over by now, but a couple rain storms have put a halt on my big plans for painting my hutch. Don't get me wrong I LOVE stormy weather: It makes me want to sit right up to the window in a nice little cozy corner like this one and enjoy all the excitement going on outside.
Photo from HGTV Dream Home.
But yes, I am BUMMED that my hutch isn't painted and drying right now, and my clutter is still out, but big projects take patience. I'm banking on a weather break tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed.

PS: If anyone watches the tonight show... Winventions was hilarious tonight, was laughing for like 5 minutes.   

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