Sunday, October 2, 2011

Make It Mine: Lamps and Problems

I need to vent:
Lately my kitchen table is driving me nuts.  Project, after project,  after project just seem to find their way to that surface. It is seriously getting to me. I don't like clutter and I like to be clean, so yeah... me and my kitchen table are not exactly on speaking terms right now. In a desperate need to fix this problem I have been scouring every thrift store I can in hopes to find an old buffet table with character that also happens to have either cupboards or drawers.  I have come up empty hand over and over again., urk.  My ability to focus is really starting to suffer due to the lack of organization in this little corner of my house, and right now I need my focus more than ever... because... I going to be opening a shop.  I am very very excited about this guys.  The name and products will be revealed very soon.  So you can see why organization is so important right now. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that I will find something or something will find me.

Now on to a more positive note.  I have finished my lamp.  This was a journey all in itself filled with misshapes and misjudgements on my part.  I, acting like a first time project goer, didn't measure what the length of the shade would need to be for this thrifted lamp that I made over. I figured that I would remember what the size would need to be. Well, let me tell you something, when you get in the store your size judgement gets totally distorted, so always measure and stick to your measurements.  Anyways, while at Ikea, taking in all the wonder of that magical place (which by the way was awesome... seriously just ask my sisters... I totally went into that store skipping and giggling like a five year old about to enter the majestic world of Disney), I grabbed a beautiful white shade that I was sure would complete the look of my lamp awaiting the rest of it's wardrobe at home.  So I snatched it up, cut a gazillion strips of a shinny fray gray material and painstakingly gather/hot glued the strips to the lamp.  Upon completion I fit the shade to the lamp.  Let's just say I was on the edge of tears when I realized there was no way-at all- that this shade would be staying on this lamp.  All of my efforts, poof, down the drain just like that. Well that was my moment of overwhelming blahhhh discouragement.  I new that regardless of my disappointment, there was no way I was going to trash my beautiful shade or lamp, so I hit the thrift stores found and larger white drum shade and a smaller lamp that I could fix up.  So there we have it.  A little more cutting, fraying, and gather gluing my large lamp finally had an appropriate fitting top, and the thrifted smaller lamp fits perfectly with the previously made Ikea shade.  All is well again, and my efforts have not been a complete waste:) Thank goodness.  o here is the new functional decor piece, and yes it IS huge.  When we are finally in a house it will really fill up a corner space of a room nicely.  What do you think?



Until next time:)


Anonymous said...

WOW- Congrats on opening the store! I'm excited to hear more details.

That lamp is GORGEOUS!!! I LOVE IT :)

Emily said...

Oh wow! I know what you mean. I need something to kick me into gear right now.
Very exciting news about the store though! How cool. Can't wait to hear more about it.

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