Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Way To Rosette

Hello, has everyone been having a great weekend thus far? It's almost over... are you sad? glad?  I kind of have mixed feelings whenever the weekend comes to a close.  I always feel like I am more organized and productive during the week, but I think everyone needs a slow weekend every now and then.  Any ways... on to the next project.  I have wanted to try this new method of making rosettes for a while now and finally found some really inexpensive material that I wouldn't feel terrible about throwing away if the project didn't quite pan out. Hey, everyone needs a practice run right?  Things actually worked out okay on the first run for this project which, by the way, is kind of rare for me. The rosettes had this cool unique/antique look so decided to sew up a little shirt and throw them on it.  I also had a little fun with the collar. What do you think of my less than 2 dollar shirt?



Emily said...

I love it! I love everything you do. You're so creative. I think you should try to post a how-to on this one. I would LOVE to learn how to make a rosette like this.

Chace and Shareesa said...

Very cute. Meghan, I just love all of your stuff, even though I don't post comments all that often. I seriously blog-stalk you and am amazed with all of it!

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