Monday, June 27, 2011


Okay, okay. Well I finally finished the latest Vogue dress and to be perfectly honest, I have been a little disappointed in Vogue.  The two patterns that I have done so far have required major altering and then still not quite made the cut, and that is with me religiously following the size chart and fabric choice.  Oh well, what do you do? If anything the two dresses have been a great learning opportunity.  I really have gained some stitching technique. Okay, here it is... I was really debating showing the dress (seeing as how I finished it a couple of days ago) but it was hard work so I opted to display it for you.  Don't judge too harshly:(
 Oh yeah, almost forgot. I got the material for $1.50 a yard.

 For your viewing pleasure:
Yes my daughter is still beautiful even with soggy cracker all over her chubby cheeks:) I love my little lady:)
Tomorrow I will be showing two new ruffle projects that I finished up today:)


RachelBarker said...

The dress is so cute! I can't believe you made that. I wish we lived closer, I would be coming to your house so you could help me make something! I love seeing pictures of Bella. Post some more :) Please :)

Forever Young said...

Thanks Rachy... I will be sure to post more of Bella;)

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