Monday, June 20, 2011

Ragnar and Another Vogue:)

Run... Drive... Sleep... Repeat.  Oh yeah, and pee A LOT!!! So my hubby and I, along with family and friends were able to run the Wasatch Back Ragnar this last weekend, and it was a blast:):):) It is a race that involves 12 people running three legs in a day and a half to equal a total 192 miles. It started in Logan, Utah and ended in Park City, Utah. The time of my life, and I have been missing the team, and just the whole race scene since Saturday night.  I highly recommend that runners should find one in there area and go for it.  A truly wonderful experience. I know it sounds crazy, but really it is a blast to be had!!! So here are a couple photos to demonstrate all of the fun.
 Our decorated Truck!!! Go team Worst Pace Scenario... whoop....whoop.....
 The runners in Van #2
 Runners in Van #2 continued

 Morning of the race a couple of Van #2 people went to cheer on Van #1!!! They did Awesome, and Kels, the cute girl in the gray shirt and black shorts wearing the head lamp is a SUPER STAR runner. Seriously this girl is hard core.
 Waiting for Ashton to star his leg.
 About to start my first leg... so excited!!!
 Shana handing off to me... here I go.
 Ash and me waiting for Tash to come in from her first leg.
 Ash about to take off on his second leg.
 The girls in Van #2 and Nick one of the two guys in Van #2. (From right to left: Nick, Meg/me, Tashi, Heidi, Shana).
 Okay so I totally look prego in this picture, fabulous.  I'm not;)
Yeah we made it!!!  Here were my legs:
Leg 1: 3.2 miles/ Easy/ Elevation gain
Leg 2: 10 miles/Very Hard/ Elevation gain 491
Leg 3: 3.2 miles/ Very hard/Elevation Gain 1484(this was the Ragnar Hill). I also had to run part of one of my team mates legs because her knee went out, so you add on two miles.
Total miles ran: 18.4

Okay, now on to Vogue.  Well I am working on another Vogue dress, I know, I cursed the last one with all the cut outs (32 pieces) but this one is going much smoother, plus it's a fun summery dress. I will however, have to change the pattern a bit... It calls for shoulder pads and, well, I'm not the shoulder pad type so I am going to ix nay that.  So come back soon if you would like to see it:)

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