Saturday, June 11, 2011

Navy Blue and Coral

What a busy week this has been... I feel like I've been here, there, and everywhere and so desperately wanting to sit down at my laptop and update the world on what my little fingers have been up too. Let's face it, some days "it" just doesn't happen... whatever "it" might be for you. Well I have a new project to show any curious eyes... I've been wanting to find a simple, light, moveable, sundress for those hot summer days that is layer free (not required to wear a shirt under or over it). Well I couldn't find one that fit the bill, so I decided to start poking around for some good material.  I ran into this adorable material with coral colored flowers on a navy blue background and as soon as I touched it I knew it would be perfect.  The material, while it has a busy and saturated pattern, is actually quite light and airy.  Next was figuring out what style to do.  I flipped through some of my patterns to get some ideas, then kind of did a mish mash of a couple patterns and some of my own designs.  It is a really, really, comfy dress, without sacrificing that crisp, clean, and put together look. I hope you like it:)

I hope you enjoyed this one... come back soon. I have a very UNEXPECTED fun project coming up next.

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