Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hello World

Well, whoever is out there and likes checking up here... my life has been REALLY interesting the last couple of weeks. First we went out of town on a little family fishing trip--was really fun, and the weather was, of course, cold and rainy which definitely spiced things up a bit. Upon returning I remembered that my car registration was coming due and I had completely dropped the ball and left it to the last day.  I am usually the person who gets it done the first week of the month.  Don't really know what was goin' on in my head???? Blahhhhh... Moving on, I took my car to the Jiffy Lube only to find out that I had a bad wheel bearing... Great (that is what I get for waiting till the last day).  This was one job I hadn't planned on paying someone to do...not that I don't appreciate mechanics.  I decided that I would pick up the new wheel bearing and research the JOB.  After an hour or two of studying YouTube video's and tutorials(thank you YouTube and Google), I got the tools out and started to get my hands dirty.  I had a couple of issues with rusted over screws and such, my car is 11 years old, I guess it is expected to have rusty screws.  I got down to the Caliper screws and just couldn't muscle the metal apart, so I gave in and called my husband.  I needed some man muscle and a heating element.  Had to shrink the screw just to get them off. After a couple of set backs we finally got the car fixed:) and registration set.  That is when I noticed that my keys decided to disappear.  Just when I had given up on finding them, five days after I lost them,  I reached my hand into my apron to find.... yes you guessed it... my KEYS!!!! What a feeling of relief. 
On top of all of that, I have been obsessively reading the Hunger Games books this last week. I got through 1 and 2 very quickly and am now about half way through the third book.
love, love, love these books!!!  Just can't /don't want to put them down.  I highly recommend anyone reading this, give the books a chance.

So there you have it... that I my defense from keeping my projects locked away.  Don't worry, I have some really fun creations coming your way:)

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Emily said...

Holy cow! Very eventful! Is there anything you can't do? :) I'm glad you were able to find your keys!!

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