Thursday, May 19, 2011

Matching Frame Revamp

When Ash and I first got married my parents were moving at the time and getting rid of old things in their house.  These two matching quote frames were among the items being given away.  I took them because I love the quotes on them,  but have always felt that the colors didn't really match my decor scheme. So I decided to pull out a couple of spray cans and go to town.

 Step One: Take everything apart and spray the cardboard covers with your choice of spray paint.  You need to go slow and steady for this one, layering the paint as it dries. You don't want the paper to bubble.
 Step two: While covers are drying sand down the frames and type up the quotes on a paper that matches your new color choice.  I went with stark white card stock.
 Step Three: Then clean off your frames-really well- and start spraying. When everything is dry put it back to together. I went with Gray and white for now, my hubby and I will be moving probably at the end of the summer and I'm not quite sure what the color scheme will be for the different rooms, so I am trying to be a little more neutral.
 I would say much improved.  Oh and just need to brag a little on behalf of my hubs... Check out what he brought home Wed. night.  Yeah, my man is pretty awesome:)
Love you Ashton!


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Ashley said...

I love your blog and all of your crafty, creative projects. You are an inspiration to me! xoxo

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