Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jewelery Box Makeover

Do you ever need a creative break from a creative project?  Yeah, that was me today.  So I took a little time to revamp this jewelry box for my Bella.  I thrifted the jewelery box for $3, spent $2 on craft paper, and used paint and modge podge that I already had. It isn't perfect, but I think overall it turned out pretty cute.
 As you can see this little guy needed some help.

 So I removed the hardware, sanded it, cleaned it, and gave it a fresh coat of white paint.

 This is the craft paper I went with. I decided to stick with blue and pink and go crazy with the patterns.  After I arranging the paper to my liking on the wood I got cutting and modge podging.  After waiting for the paint and Modge to dry, I put all the hardware back on.

 The finished product.  I can definitely see some improvement:)

Hoping that the Vogue project with be coming to you tomorrow:)
Until then,


Cori said...

Megs, this is amazing. I want one too. pretty please.

The Gilberts said...

wow Meghan! These are so awesome! I am soo far from craft but I admire this so much in others. keep it up :)

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