Monday, April 11, 2011

Best Buddies and a small surprise:):):)....

Well tonight was the annual Best Buddies Talent show. It was wonderful.  The talent was Rockin'!!!! Everything from "We will Rock You," to a Micheal Jackson dance off, to a phantom of the opera performance, to my wonderful brother Matty's jokes.  He is such a cleaver guy... yes writes his own jokes, and they are very VERY cleaver.  I feel so grateful for my brother Matty. He holds a special place in so many peoples hearts, but the love between a sister and a brother... well, it is something very special.  I am a pretty lucky gal to have a big brother like Matt. Here are some photos from the event.
 Matty holding up his jokes, Bella being adorable, and Ashton holding the babes.
 I decided to pop into this picture really quick.
 Matty doing stand up comedy... Really this guy know how to take on the stage.  He did such an awesome job and was so charismatic.  If anyone knows Matt, knows that one of his lifelong dream jobs is to be a comedian.  He works harder than anyone I know at this.  He is constantly writing/coming up with knew jokes and testing them out on his family, who by the way, are not afraid to tell him if one isn't funny or needs some work.
 Matty and his Best Buddy Matt. Yeah, they have the same name, and may I just say that his Best Buddy is one of the best people I know.  Such a great guy with a wonderful heart. I, and my entire family, have been so impressed by Matt and how much he cares about Matty.  We will really miss him when he leaves for med school but I know that Matty and Matt have found a lifelong friend in each other.  YOU ROCK MATT!!!
Close up of Matty and Matt and some of the other Best Budy group. Isn't my Matty so stinkin' cute!!!
 The whole gang.
 Matt and Matty posing.

On another note.  Today I FINALLY hemmed pair of my slacks that have been sitting in my closet for I don't know how long. I wanted to wear them to the BB talent show tonight.  Anyways, I took the discarded material from the slacks and decided to make a fun little bracelet. Hope you like it.

What do you think???


Colleen said...

I like that fun bracelet. My clothes always need fabric added on not taken off.

also in reply to your comment on my blog about nude pumps: You better hurry. There is only a short window of opportunity to buy nude pumps. The selling seasons are totally confusing to me and I don't shop enough that's why it took me so long to get them.

Colleen said...

Also, email me about a running feature.
I can't find your email anywhere and don't know if you subscribed to comments.

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