Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pledge to Change

This is Matt: He is an Uncle

He is a movie buff

He is a history buff (Here he is reading up on the US presidents. By the way, he has them all memorized, really!!! Say a number in any order and he will tell you which president it is... can you do that?)

He is a son

He is a brother

He is a Writer

He is a comedian who writes his own jokes (I will post the video)

He is also many other things, but he is NOT retarded!!!

SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD!!! The 'R' word... We all know someone with an intellectual disability. My brother Matty is one who was born with Down Syndrome. Please go here to learn about his story by my awesome writer/sister Cori and get informed about Spread The Word To End The Word. Thank you!!!
All My Love,

Meghan Young

(PS. In case you are wondering, he is MY brother)

1 comment:

Sherry in KY said...

I too had a special brother (Paul). He past away two years ago at the age of 66. If there were ever angels on earth, Downes are! God bless you and enjoy each and every day with your brother. I miss mine so very much.

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