Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Kitchen Update

Well I finally decided that my kitchen needed a new look, so after about a week of thought, I decided to kick the bucket with the red. Not that I don't appreciate the color red, or think that it is fabulous as an accent color. I was just all RED'ed (sp???) out, if you know what I mean. I needed something fresh, something new, and something light. My house/apartment/condo, is very narrow, meaning the light kind of likes to fade as you walk to the center of the house. I wanted to pick some colors that were fresh and calming. I am high strung enough without the red;). So for the last week and a half I have been painting (not the walls-not allowed-lamo) shelves, frames, etc. I have also visited every store in Cache valley that carries fabric. Sadly I didn't find the exact fabric I was looking for, so I was forced to settle. Oh well, the fabric for the window was holding me up anyways. Now that I have everything I need, it's just a matter of visiting the sewing machine, and putting everything in it's place. I will post some pictures of the finished product. I am hoping to be done by tomorrow night (not sure if this will happen).

PS: My daughter was rolling across the room and back again today, was an awesome moment but made me realize how fast she is growing up.

Ta ta till later.


Emily said...

So fun! I'm excited to see the transformation.

deirdre g said...

Excited to see the new photos of your kitchen.

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