Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kitchen News

Well I lost the red, almost (still have an entry rug that I need to replace), and replaced it with fresh new colors.My new platter wall has totally changed how I feel when I enter my kitchen. I feel fresh and happy, I love walking into this room now. I thrifted all these platters that were originally silver colored and decided to jazz them up a bit. Was really fun, and REALLY CHEEP!!! I think I spent 50 cents on each platter:)
This is just a really cute picture of Bella for your viewing pleasure:) Yes I love that you can see her teeth through her little smile!
Another mommy daughter picture.
The fabric
The Fabric: I originally felt that I was settling with this pattern/material. After going to a dozen stores with no luck I just kind of picked one. But now that I have it all sewed and hanging beside my window I am actually starting to really like it. It is light and airy which is really what I was going for.
Another shot of the platter wall. I still need to find some small filler platters to get the full and finished look I am shooting for. The block letters I made with a new coat of paint and my bench:)
I took this idea from a magazine, thought it was a really cute project and was really fun. I still need to find some small photos to go in the frames.
Although I still have some work to do, I love how things are turning out thus far. It's crazy how much color and placement of furniture can change a person's whole attitude:)
I'll update you as changes come:)

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Emily said...

I love everything! You did such a great job. You're so crafty and creative!

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