Monday, January 10, 2011

This is for my sisters;)

Outfit #1 (If you are seeing these photos and find yourself totally confused keep scrolling and read below)

So my awesome sister writes/runs... a style blog. I have made it a point to try and learn a little something from her and my other sisters too as of late. They have been giving me tips for years and sadly I have ignored them for the most part... Until I finally found out that not only did there tips make me look better, but I was more comfy and happy too. This is for you girls;) The attire for today was absolutely fabulous. No fuse, really comfy, yet totally fun and energetic. Trust me with a new baby I am up and around a lot. Jeggings: Paris Blues from TJ Max and they fit my booty and legs perfect, Top: Julies Closet from TJ Max, Undershirt:Tashi's from Tashi's Closet, Boots: Wild Diva from I can't remember, Earrings: Gift from mom from San Diego. As you can see nothing I am wearing is "Name Brand," I have never been one to discriminate, if it fits, looks good, and has a good looking price tag then why not:)


Emily said...

So fun! You look so cute. I admire your sister for making a fashion blog. I made one a little while ago and I didn't realize it takes a lot of courage! I feel so stupid everyday I post, but it's fun too.
I feel the same way about brand names too (most of that stems from lack of budget)... but why spend more on something when I can get cute stuff for cheaper?

Heather Coon said...

Always so cute, of course. I love jeggings, my girls have a couple pairs, I have yet to find some for myself! Your little Bella is SO adorable!!! And those chubby die for!!

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