Monday, November 29, 2010

What I have been up to:)

Bella's vintage dress, tights, shoes, and hair rose that I made for Thanksgiving Here is another shot of the outfit:)

The reversible dress and fabric shoes I made with left over car seat cover material.
This is the main side.
These were fun projects that didn't take very long. I didn't have a pattern to fillow for the vintage dress and for the poke a dot dress I had a pattern that was a smaller size, I just measured my little lady and went for it:)


jordan and maci said...

you are so talented! and your little girl is such a doll baby!

Kaisa Bailey said...

I love that little Thanksgiving outfit...and Bella is SO MEAKER!!!

Jen & Chris said...

Cute lil clothes for a cute lil baby!! Great job, you are so talented!

The Gilberts said...

Holy Adorable! You are so talented Megan! Building kitchen tables and sewing vintage outfits that coordinate with her carseat??? Wow.

Super cute baby! She's got some serious cheeks, so does my little girl! perfect for kissing and squeezing.

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