Tuesday, June 22, 2010



I have been shopping around for a good breast pump, baby bottles, and pacifiers and feel totally lost. Can anyone offer direction in these areas? It would be very, very much appreciated.



HeaTheR & ChRiS said...

first, Medela makes great breast pumps. They're a little pricey but if you can afford it, I'd say go for it! Bottles-Paisley used Avent ones and those worked well for her, but my nephew uses the playtex ones. Paisley also liked the first years soothie and breastflow bottles. Personally, I say get one of a few different kinds and try them out on your baby. From what I've seen, babies actually have preferences to nipples lol for example, my nephew did not like the avent ones. and pacifiers-Paisley and I loved the soothie pacifiers...well, that's my 2 cents! hopefully it'll give you some guidance and hopefully others will comment so you have more opinions and suggestions!! So exciting!!! :)

Dani Christensen said...

The playtex drop ins work great for my breast fed baby when his dad has to feed him a bottle!! They have gotten GREAT reviews from breast feeding mothers, too, that their babies take them well.

I LOVE the nuk pacifiers. Tim has taken them since day one. I never even gave him the one from the hospital. He's always been able to keep it in his mouth really well.

I got the "first years Mii Pump." It's a lot cheaper than the medela ones. I like it, but I would honestly like a hand pump instead cause I hear they work much faster. While I was shopping the other day, I really wished I had a hand one i could just use really quickly and it's much less noticable!! Just my opinions!!

Michelle said...

Medela breast pump, for sure.

As far as bottles, Tommee Tippee is amazing. They are the #1 brand in Britain and are just now making way over here. They are the closest thing they have next to a mother's breast so it is easier for the baby to transition from one to the next. (REALLY IMPORTANT!)

I like the MAM pacifiers, mostly just like them because there are different colors to match her outfits. :)

Scott and Jamie said...

Madela make THE BEST breast pumps, but they're expensive, mine was a gift. I suggest the double one, so you can get 2x the milk at the same time. With bottles, my kids like the playtex ones with liners. I HATE them because you have to put in these liners but it's the nipple they like, the flat one with the fast flow speed. Hope this helps.

Christina Olson said...

I love my Medela pump!! I use it all the time. I got a great deal at http://www.hackleyhme.com/. We like the Avent bottles, it has a soft nipple and easy to clean. They say the soothie pacifiers are the best if you are going to choose to breastfeed. Good luck!

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