Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Baby Shower

My Wonderful Sisters and Mom put on such a beautiful shower for me and the baby. It was perfect. I have such an awesome family. Thank you Mom, Tashi, Cori, and Tarah for everything. I will remember it always.Reece, Tarah, Me, Tashi, Cori

Family and friends and the beautiful decorations
Family that were able to come
Some of the cute food there

Amy and Alica won the Bubble Gum Baby Game

Tashi and Cori MCing the shower
Cute decorations:)
One of the adorable outfits she got
Love these ladies
The cute sign Cori made and my angel niece Hannah.
Love these ladies


Cori said...

Megs, I am very pleased to see that my, psychotic grab the belly picture got top billing. very pleased indeed.

Raquel & Marc said...

is that her name?!?! bella ann? i love it. it fits. i love you and hearing tashi's voice today made me homesick for my megs. sending smooches and loves your way! can't wait to see the little lady!

Rocia said...

meggie, how cute is your little tummy! raquel is right...seeing tashi made me miss the meaker girls. let's plan a reunion.

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