Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mexico Was Amazing

I almost stayed there this time...I came this ' ' close. On the beach
Snorkeling, if you squint really hard you can see Cancun in the background. I think, total, we went snorkeling four times... The rest of the time we just did some 'normal' swimming. The water was so warm.

We went to this cool Argentine restaurant and I was serenaded at dinner... la romantica.

My silly hubby.
Over two miles of Zip Lining, swimming in a cenote, and lunch...what a blast. They let me zip line upside-down and in the super woman position. What a rush!
Window Garden's.
Xcaret...a huge natural water park, underwater float canals, snorkeling, butterfly observatory, zoo throughout the park, beach, and an amazing show at night.
Just finished snorkeling at Club International.
Jungle tour...complete with snorkeling. Aren't these little boats awesome?
Telum...An ancient city on the coast. Beautiful.
We were all prepared to swim at the beach there, but a storm rolled in and made the surf too dangerous.
Just sitting down after a fishing/snorkeling trip...Guess what we had for lunch????? Anyone...anyone...anyone... FISH. The same fish we caught. Do you like Barracuda?
Church on Sunday. Charlot gave the children a big bag of candy for taking our picture.

1 comment:

Jamie Younker said...

I am sooooooooo green right now. Green with ENVY!

sigh. I need a vacation just like this one. And I also need to look as cute as you do while on that vacation. :)

Jealousy aside- I'm so glad you had such a blast!!!!

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